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At this time of year in Great Britain we have much to contend with right now and sometimes it can feel like days and even weeks just roll into one. The weather is consistently foul and bleak, making it hard to ‘do’ very much and therefore too much time is spent indoors, with little or no access to sunlight. What are your experiences at this time of year where you live? What are you able to do and what steps do you take to avoid feeling trapped in your own home? Last week I touched on our efforts to mitigate this sense of gloom by embarking on a keep-fit campaign. We also take copious quantities of Vit D-3 to ensure that despite little access to sunshine, our immune systems are kept topped up with this valuable supplement.

I would love to hear about the kinds of things you get up to at this time of year? Do you have access to fun ‘indoor activities’ in your area, or perhaps you are currently living in a cold ‘white world’ where you can take your family cross-country skiing or ice-skating? If you have any helpful tips and ideas for wet weather living, please them in the comments box below, feedback is always so appreciated!

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Lessons of a Humble Teapot-The Self-Sufficient Homeacre


 The Health Benefits of Tea-Livin’ the Green


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Living a life well lived, down a road less ordinary: I am a passionate truth-seeker who loves travel, chocolate and tea. I believe that life is short, conversation is all we have, and that sharing what’s important to both me and my family, is extraordinarily empowering. Things that make me heart happy include: my family, a beautiful sunset, the wag of a dog’s tail, the smell of rain, cloudscapes, the ocean, good music, good friends and travel.


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  3. Dawn on

    Hi! I’m not seeing the linky. I imagine you’ve got the linky-Wordpress glitch, like so many carnivals do since the last wordpress update. :/ Look forward to linking up my posts about eco-friendly de-icing and radical simplicity!

    • NMNadmin on

      You were right:-) Just figured it, the first Inlinkz code doesn’t go with the latest edition of WordPress, so used the next one down and hey presto! Sorry about the delay! Rebecca x

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  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you so much for featuring my post “Lessons of a Humble Teapot!” I’m so honored to be chosen :) I love visiting every week to see all the wonderful posts linked up here…what an amazing bunch of bloggers! Thank you for hosting and taking time to visit my posts each week :)

    I guess I have never really felt ‘down’ during the winter. I go outside for walks with the dog, on nice days I’ll wander around the yard picking up sticks and thinking about the gardening season coming up. The sun shines quite often here even when it is cold so that helps a lot. Maybe it helps that most of my ancestors came from northerly regions :)

    Have a wonderful week and I hope the grey skies clear up and the sun shines for you!

    • NMNadmin on

      Thanks for your comment Lisa Lynn, it’s not that I feel down, I actually feel pretty good, but in this climate it takes real focused discipline to cope with the endless days of semi-dusk:-)

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  10. I love the winter I’m a pitta body type, so I run hot. I dress warm and walk my dog everyday. The brisk air is invigorating. When it snows I cross country ski and down hill ski. On really grim days my kids like to go to the local ice skating rink.
    The lack of light can be hard but I found taking omega-3 supplements and eating oily fish helps tremendously.

    • NMNadmin on

      Thank you for your comment Diana and yes likewise, when we lived in the French Alps, this was pretty much what we did together. In the area we currently live there is little without getting extremely wet and cold and the weather this year has been very grim indeed, requiring us all to dig deep for resources to carry us through with a smile:-)

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  12. Nancy on

    Thanks so much for the feature! It’s great to connect with yet another interesting group of bloggers…thanks for hosting and have a great week!

    • NMNadmin on

      Nancy thank you, you are so very welcome:-)

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  14. You described our British weather very well – I’m definitely missing the California sunshine! This week I’ve shared a post about self development entitled ‘An Atmosphere of Growth’. Thank you for hosting :)

    • NMNadmin on

      Delighted you popped by April! I usually handle it fairly well, but this year webcam images of our view in France, are feeling a little like torture!;-)

  15. We are lucky here, we have great malls that we escape to. I escaped from living in Germany to sunny California 20 years ago because I just couldn’t take that dreary weather anymore. Now I’m in NY, but it’s still not as bad as North Germany :)

    I don’t remember if I linked up that DIY scarf yet, I hope not.

    • NMNadmin on

      Yes I agree, if you have access to indoor activities that take you out of the house once in a while, it does feel easier. We were spoilt living in the French Alps for many years, where although it was cold and the land was snow-covered, we had so many outdoor activities we could enjoy and the sunny days felt endless…:-)

  16. Emily on

    Hi, Thanks for hosting! I’m linking up a recipe for Pomegranate Sauerkraut. It may sound crazy, but this is a beautiful blend that goes great with almost any dinner.

    Have a great day!

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