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Welcome to Seasonal Celebration- now on a Wednesday!

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 Dear Friends,

I know that December is a busy month for most people. The preparation leading up to the holiday season is jam-packed for us all. With our little business in France needing so much of my attention at this time of year, I’m having to be very strict with myself indeed, so that everybody who needs my full attention, gets it!

Since the summer, my overall strategy has been to strictly separate computer time from family time. It’s easier for me throughout the year to keep the two completely separate and focus on either one or the other at a time. That way, my family or my business gets my full attention rather than divided attention. However hosting Seasonal Celebration every Sunday, has made this increasingly difficult to maintain!

So for this reason I have decided that from now on Seasonal Celebration will start every Wednesday and that I will feature two posts instead of one!

In eager anticipation,

Rebecca x

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  7. I completely understand your decision to move to Wednesday with the hop. It can be tough keeping business and family time separate when you work from home. Best wishes with the move!

    I recently switched from my old blog, Little Homestead on the Hill, to a self hosted site…The Self Sufficient HomeAcre. I’d love to have you visit :)
    I’m also co-hosting a blog hop called Wildcrafting Wednesday, for anyone interested in natural living, herbal remedies, and self sufficiency.

    Thanks for all you do Rebecca!

    • NMNadmin on

      Hi Lisa Lynn- been over to visit and linked some posts-well done and I shall be over every week in the future- you’re now on my linky list! Love having you pop by-always!

    • NMNadmin on

      Likewise.. love freshly baked croissants with strong black coffee-heaven!

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  9. Nancy on

    Thanks for the invite! Have linked up and will be following as well…have a great week!

    • NMNadmin on

      You are so welcome nancy and thank you:-)

  10. Thanks for the invite to the blog hop Rebecca! All these recipes look delicious!

    • NMNadmin on

      Delighted you popped by Hannah!

  11. Thank you for inviting me to join your celebration! I can’t wait to look around your site and all the celebration bloggers too.

    • NMNadmin on

      Delighted you popped by Jan- I really am:-)

    • NMNadmin on

      Sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try your punch as we love Pomegranate juice at home!:-)

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  13. Sounds so wise. You’re an encouragement to all moms to keep priorities straight! Thank you for being a great hostess!

    • NMNadmin on

      Rose Petal, thank you so much for your kind words-thank you x

  14. Excellent features! I have pinned them both :) This week I have shared a Frugal Vegetarian Pasta Bake, perfect for a weeknight dinner this time of year when pennies can be tight. Thank you for hosting.

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  17. Hi Rebecca, I need to do the same thing, really separate family and work life. So hard when you work from home!

    • NMNadmin on

      I am sure most work at home moms struggle with these issues as we do.Thanks for popping by Dagamar:-)

  18. Thank you so much for featuring us! I am so thrilled and honored to be such a part of your wonderful blog. Thank you so much and I have so enjoyed visiting others who link up. Thank you and Merry Christmas~Melissa

    • NMNadmin on

      Hi Melissa, delighted to welcome you to our little community. Merry Christmas x

  19. Thank you so much for featuring me this week! I am so honored and touched that you enjoyed the garland. I have had such fun on your blog visiting new places. Thank you again and Merry Christmas. This week I have linked up an ornament for you to enjoy!~Melissa

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  23. Ohhhh #14 – Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – I’m definitely trying this. Excellent recommendations you got here, will be looking into each of them soon! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Well happy weekend and family time to you and your family! And good luck with your new resolution to separate your work time in front of the computer from that of your time with your family.

    • NMNadmin on

      Thank you Sandra

  25. Kelly on

    Family time is still quality time for the entire home. It’s a good thing to know that you are one of many who are struggling and trying to separate work from family bonding,.

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