21 Natural Homemade Moisturizer For Face & Skin


Everyone wants better skin and hair. Most people harness the feeling that their skin is not fresh and supple enough, while others who already have great skin are looking for new and innovative ways to maintain their skin. Having dry skin can be quite annoying and unattractive, but there are a lot of reasons why your skin is constantly dry. It could be as a result of your daily routine, lack of proper hydration, or even just that you have naturally dry skin.

You could keep feeling bad about it, or you could do something today! There are a lot of homemade therapies for having better skin and hair. Why don’t you go natural yourself? In this article, we would be taking a look at 21 homemade natural moisturizers for your skin, face and hair.

Natural Homemade Moisturizers For Face & Skin


  1. Lavender and coconut Homemade Moisturizer:
  2. this is a fantastic mix of natural ingredients that is sure to give you better skin. Its wonderful scent is also a bonus.

  3. Aloe Vera and Almond oil Homemade Moisturizer: Mix a little bit of Aloe Vera gel and almond moisturizer. Apply on your skin daily and watch your skin feeling rejuvenated.
  4. Goats Milk Homemade Moisturizer:
  5. Apply some goat’s milk into your bath every time you want to soak in the bubble bath. Relax in the bath for 30 minutes. This should be done twice a week.

  6. Vanilla:
  7. Pour little drops of vanilla into your current moisturizing cream. This would serve to activate its moisturizing properties and give your skin a magnificent glow.

  8. Chamomile and Calendula:
  9. This perfect mix would leave your skin feeling as fresh as a baby’s skin.

  10. Rosewater and Almond Oil:
  11. Mix a little bit of Rosewater and Almond oil together and apply daily on your skin for a week. You should see great results immediately.

  12. Coconut Milk:
  13. Apply some coconut milk into your bath every time you want to soak in the bubble bath. Relax in the bath for 30 minutes. This should be done twice a week.

  14. Lavender:
  15. Lavender can be applied naturally on skin or during a bath. It is sure to leave your skin properly moisturized.

  16. Shea Butter:
  17. Apply Shea butter on your skin daily for a week and see your skin regain its moisture and lose dryness.

  18. Olive oil Homemade Moisturizer:
  19. Olive Oil is one of the most recommended ways to get better hair naturally. If your hair is constantly dry and filled with dandruff, Olive oil is the perfect homemade remedy for this. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps to regenerate damaged hair cells. It is also rich in antioxidants which help to seal the hair cells and moisturize your hair. The most effective way to use Olive oil as a treatment for moisturizing your hair is by heating up the Olive oil before use. Simply pour some Olive oil in a ceramic bowl and warm it in your microwave. Apply the oil all over your hair and massage through your scalp for 10 minutes. You should then cover your hair with a towel and leave the oil on your hair for 30 minutes or overnight if you can. Afterward, you can wash your hair with a regular shampoo and conditioner and see your hair looking better instantly. This should be repeated once every week for greater effect.

  20. Mayonnaise:
  21. This is another fantastic homemade therapy for moisturizing your hair. Simply apply a reasonable amount of mayonnaise on your hair and scalp. Massage it through your hair and scalp and then cover your hair with a shower cap. This would allow the mayonnaise’s rich protein base to make your hair soft and shiny. Rinse afterward with shampoo. Repeat every week for greater effect.

  22. Eggs Homemade Moisturizer:
  23. Eggs are another popular home therapy for better hair. Eggs are filled with lecithin and protein, which would help to strengthen and replace lost hair cells. Whip an egg till its yolk is no longer visible, mix with a tablespoon of honey and olive oil then apply all over your hair. Massage into your scalp and allow it to settle for 30 minutes. Wash afterward with warm water and shampoo.

  24. Beer:
  25. This is an uncanny home therapy, but one that does wonders. Beer contains large amounts of protein which helps to regenerate damaged hair follicles. Simply wash your hair with a regular shampoo and pour a little amount of beer in your palms and work through your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally and see amazing results. It is important to state that your hair won’t smell of beer if you allow it to dry naturally.

  26. Avocado:
  27. Avocados are filled with Vitamins A & E and a lot of proteins and saturated fats which are of massive benefit to people with dry hair. Blend a little avocado with some jojoba oil till it forms a paste. Apply it on your hair after washing and cover your hair with a shower cap. Allow the mixture to settle for 30 minutes and then wash your hair again with warm water and shampoo.

  28. Bananas:
  29. This delicious fruit is filled with potassium which helps to replenish lost hair and also moisturize. Simply blend a banana with a little Olive oil and Jojoba oil then apply evenly on your hair. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and wash off afterward. This works best with overripe bananas and should be done once a week.

  30. Honey:
  31. This is another great home remedy for moisturizing your hair. Simply apply honey to freshly washed hair and dry for 30 minutes. Wash off with shampoo and warm water.

  32. Aloe Vera:
  33. Aloe Vera is easily obtained in most pharmacies or household stores. Mix Aloe Vera gel with castor oil and apply the mixture on your hair. Cover with a shower cap and dry for an hour. Wash off afterward. This should be done weekly for greater effect.

  34. Castor Oil:
  35. Castor oil can be applied daily like your regular hair cream. This would leave your hair naturally moisturized.

  36. Sesame Oil:
  37. Mix a little sesame oil with some ginger and massage into your scalp. Allow to dry for 30 minutes and wash off with a shampoo. Repeat twice a week.

  38. Vinegar:
  39. Vinegar has some inbuilt properties that would restore the PH level of your hair naturally. Mix a cup of vinegar with some water and use it to rinse your hair. Wash off with shampoo if the mixture produces an unwanted smell.

  40. Cocoa butter:
  41. This is another great home remedy for the skin. Simply apply on your skin daily for 2 weeks and see results.

You don’t have to live through every day wondering what you could do to make your skin look better. These 21 tips are sure to make your skin and hair look fantastic and moisturized.

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