Best Lotion Bar Recipe: A Variation to Suit All Skin Types


This lotion bar recipe acts a s a perfect base from which you can design your own variation according to skin type -these lotion bars make a great gift too!

Base Lotion Bar Recipe

"lotion bar recipe"


What you need

  • 1 part coconut oil
  • 1 part beeswax
  • 1 part sweet almond oil or alternative *
  • 1 tsp of vitamin E oil
  • essential oil combination according to skin type (see below**)
  • silicon mould tray
  • bain-marie

What to do

Place the coconut oil and beeswax in a bain-marie with an inch of simmering water and melt them slowly together while stirring with a bamboo or metal skewer. I have a special heat-proof jug and skewer I use just for lotion and potion making! When they have melted completely, take the jug out of the simmering water and add the sweet almond oil*, stir in well with the skewer. Then add your essential oil combination,** stir this in well and pour the liquid into your silicon mould tray. Allow to cool completely before attempting to pop the lotion bars out. I store ours in a large kilner jar to preserve the oils- ideally a dark-coloured jar would be best for this, as it protects the lotion bars from the light too. For a batch I use 100g of both beeswax and coconut oil and 100 ml of sweet almond oil. I find this is sufficient for our family of 5- a decent sized bar each.

"lotion bar recipe"

Liquid poured into silicon moulds

*In the recipe above I’ve used sweet almond oil, as it’s great for normal and combination skin, but also for drying, ageing and damaged skin so- suitable for most families.

** I added lavender, rose geranium, jasmine absolute and ylang-ylang. However, if a family member suffers from oily or acne-prone skin, then substitute the sweet almond oil for grape seed oil. Use Natural Mother’s Calendula Oil  for anyone who suffers with eczema, psoriasis, scars or stretch-marks. Then use the appropriate essential oil combination for your skin type: see below.( x = drop)

oily and spot-prone10 x petitgrain, 5 x lemongrass, 3 x tea tree, 1 x  each rose geranium and ylang ylang
dry, ageing, damaged4 x each frankincense ,helichrysum, patchouli and sandalwood, 2 x rose or ylang ylang
normal, combination14 x lavender, 2 x each rose geranium and palmarosa, 2 x jasmine or neroli, rose or ylang ylang
sensitive12 x lavender, 2 x each chamomile, helichrysum & palmarosa, 2 x jasmine or neroli or rose
eczema, psoriasis4 x each frankincense, helichrysum, lavender and sandalwood, 2 x chamomile, 2 x  jasmine or rose
stretch marks, scars5 x each helichrysum, lavender and patchouli, 2 x each neroli and rose geranium


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  1. Doris on

    Thanks for sharing this bar lotion It new and unique I can wait to have this lotion.

  2. Susan on

    How many bars does this make? How much essential oil would you use if you were just doing 1 or 2 scents together? These look great. My mother would love one. I’ll have to get a mold to make them. Thanks for sharing.

    • NMNadmin on

      Hi! This recipe makes 6 bars that are 5cm x 1 cm. If only using a couple of essential oils I would up the drop amounts accordingly and relative to one another- the best thing is to experiment- just don’t overdo it if you have sensitive skin.

  3. Thanks! Just pinned this for future reference :)

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    What a wonderful resource, and great tips for how to do this successfully. I was just looking for something very nice to make my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day…something my teenage daughters can do with me. This fits the bill perfectly.

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    • NMNadmin on

      Thank you very much and thanks for featuring the lotion bars- they are so easy to make and feel so special on the skin!

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    Awesome product and I really want to try it. It is great because I see that it is natural product and I am pretty much sure that it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can damage our skin. Hope that the people who already try this can feel contentment.

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    Oh man. Love the idea of making my own, but honestly it’s a way scarier project than any pasta recipe or something, haha.

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    I love coconut oil and would love to make this. Now I just have to try to find the beeswax somewhere here in Costa Rica. That could be a chore.

    • NMNadmin on

      Good luck! I suppose there has to be ‘one’ drawback to living in Costa Rica;-)

  12. I just started making homemade soaps. I will have to try these out!