Easy Natural Lavender Soap Recipe


Soft lavender scented castille soap recipe

This soap recipe is about the easiest there is, it’s natural and smells great. You can substitute the essential oil of lavender for whichever oil takes your fancy or even a combination of scents, it’s your choice.

Easy Soap Recipe

What you need 

"soap recipe'

Gently scented lavender soap

500g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
200ml of Spring Water
70g Caustic Soda*
20ml Pure Essential Oil of Lavender

rubber gloves – use at all times
mould- Your mould can be an old milk carton or similar carton that has been thoroughly cleaned
2  Pyrex jugs
2 cooking thermometers
kitchen scales
old towels
stainless steel mixing spoon and metal whisk
stick blender

* do be very careful at all times when handling this product and always use gloves.

What to do

"soap recipe"

water and soda solution- cool to 35 degrees

Place the goggles over your eyes and the rubber gloves on your hands and then weigh the ingredients.Then, pour the spring water into one of the Pyrex jugs and gradually add the caustic soda to it. Stir slowly and carefully until the soda has completely dissolved. Try not to inhale the fumes. You might like to work near a hob-extraction fan, or similar extractor if you have one in the vicinity.

The water and soda solution is now called lye. This solution will become quite hot and you need to leave it to cool until the thermometer reads 35 degrees C

It’s now time to slowly heat the olive oil in the second Pyrex jug to 35 degrees C. When the lye and oil are both 35 degrees C, carefully pour the lye solution into the warmed oil whilst stirring continuously until the oil has completely absorbed the lye solution. Continue to stir until the lye solution has been completely blended with the warmed  oil.

"soap recipe"

Olive oil must also be at 35 degrees

Then grab your stick blender and blend on a very low setting for 30 seconds and then stir again. Repeat this until your mixture has reached trace. Trace is when the soap has turned thick enough to have the consistency of good old British custard or créme fraiche.Now you can add the essential oil and mix it gently in. When it is well blended through, pour the solution carefully into the mould. Place the mould in a warm spot where it won’t be disturbed, out of children’s way. Cover the carton in towels and leave to go solid  for 24-48 hours. Once the soap has solidified, put your rubber gloves back on, and gently peel away the carton from the soap.

"soap recipe"

Stir until the warmed oil has completely absorbed the lye solution

Then place it on a stable surface at room temperature to harden up over the following 4 weeks. Once it is sufficiently hard, you can cut it up into squares and wrap in baking paper, followed by some pretty material and finish with a homemade tag and some ribbon or raffia.

FAQ: Why if it’s a natural soap, do we have to use lye?

All soaps are a mixture of an alkali and oil. Lye is a mixture of sodium hydroxide and water. For anything to lather up  and have cleansing properties, it has to have an alkali. When an alkali is added to oils, a chemical reaction occurs ( saponification) and creates soap.  If you see an ingredient listing on a shop-bought natural soap where there is no alkali substance listed, the company is being a little misleading.

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  1. i will definitely be trying this- thank you!

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    Thanks for this – I have made soap before, but with a blend of oils. How do you find the hardness of this soap?

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      It keeps its shape if that’s what you mean?