40 Ingenious Uses for Salt Around the Home


How many uses for salt are there?

Well, according to the Salt Institute there are about 14,000!  This salty website has so many useful tips for using salt around the home and I have picked out some of the best and added some of my own.

Salt, this most versatile of minerals, is the most abundant non-metallic mineral on Earth and its supply is inexhaustible. We have used salt (sodium chloride) for as long back as can be imagined to preserve food stuffs, to clean and to season our meals. As salt is such an abundant and sustainable resource, it makes sense to use it in preference to toxic cleaners and preservatives where and when we can. For cooking I use unrefined, iodized sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, which is intensely rich in minerals. I tend not to use refined table salt unless it’s for cleaning as it’s much cheaper. Epsom salt has been included in this list but is actually very different in its chemical makeup: magnesium sulfate to be precise.

40 Ingenious Uses for Salt in the Home

Use salt to

  • relieve congestion and clear up your cold! There is nothing worse than the groggy feeling you have when you are all stuffed up . In 4 fl.oz/1/2 cup of lukewarm water add ½ a teaspoon of non-iodised salt, make sure it’s well mixed together before placing some in an infant nasal syringe ( buy at the pharmacy) and then blowing it back out!
  • soothe your sore throat!  This is a great remedy that really works a treat. Mix together a weak warm saltwater solution and then gargle, before spitting it back out. Soothes your throat and kills surface germs. Repeat as often as needed.
  • soothe a painful mouth. For cankers, abscesses, and other mouth sores, gargle with a weak solution of warm salt water several times a day.
  • reduce puffy eyes. Mix 1 Tsp of salt in a pint of hot water and apply pads soaked in the solution on the puffy areas.
  • calm mosquito bites with saltwater or a poultice of olive oil and salt.
  • treat poison ivy itch as with mosquito bites above.
  • relieve a bee sting by covering the area with neat salt for 10 minutes.
  • give tired feet the spa treatment. Get a washing up bowl and fill it with warm water add 2 Tbsp of salt and 2 Tbsp of baking soda and soak your feet for as long as you like.
  • soothe dry skin. Run a warm bath, then add  4 oz of  Epsom salt to it, climb in and feel like a star at a spa. You’ll find your skin feels soft and clean and you’ll feel deliciously relaxed.
  • relax after a long hard day with your own bath salt recipe.
  • soothe your piercing with a weak warm saltwater solution. This will prevent infection and aid the healing process.
  • make your own toothpaste.
  • keep toothbrushes lasting longer by soaking them in salt every now and then.
  • dry clothes in the winter. Use salt in the final laundry rinse to prevent clothes from freezing if you dry your clothes outside.
  • remove wine stains from tablecloths or clothing by placing salt liberally over the stain for 30 minutes, then soak in cold water for another 30 minutes before laundering.
  • brighten colours when hand washing by adding a little salt to the wash.
  • keep your flowers fresh for longer by adding a little salt to the vase water
  • remove perspiration stains by making a strong salt water solution and dabbing the area well before washing.
  • remove blood stains by soaking material in cold saltwater solution before laundering.
  • make play dough with 4 oz salt, 8 oz of flour, 1 Tbsp cream of Tartar, 1 Tbsp of oil and a cup of boiling water, mix together into dough and store in plastic bag, add natural food colouring ( beet powder) if desired.
  • attack stubborn kitchen stains on your countertops and rustic wooden table with salt, its minor abrasive action works a treat!
  • keep ants away by leaving salt in the areas they frequent, they really don’t like it and should stay away. This will really only work when you first notice them invade your home.
  • kill weeds in your lawn. Pour salt onto them on a dry day and wait, they should die off in days.
  • kill poison ivy. Mix a kilo of salt/ 2.2 lbs of salt in a bucket of soapy ( liquid Castille soap) and water and apply to plant with a sprayer.
  • kill fleas. Has your dog got fleas? Regular salt baths will repel them, naturally.
  • invigorate goldfish. Just occasionally add 1 Tsp of salt to a litre (quart) of fresh water at room temperature and put your goldfish in for about 15 minutes. Then return them to their tank. The salt swim makes them healthier!
  • kill odours for a drain pipe. Place a heavily salted bucket of water down the drain and leave overnight.
  • de-ice your steps and driveway. Leave salt on surfaces you wish to clear for around half an hour and it should be really easy to shovel up.
  • keep your windscreen frost free by wiping it last thing with a salt water solution.
  • prevent wicker furniture from yellowing by wiping them with salt water.
  • calm a BBQ. When the flames get too high and it’s smoking with meat fat, throw a little salt onto the coals, this will tame the flame instantly without taking the heat away from the coals.
  • stop a grease fire. Pour salt onto flame and smother completely.
  • banish burned-on stains from your enamel saucepan. Soak it overnight in salt water and then boil that water in the pan to remove burned-on stains.
  • sprinkle in your oven before scrubbing it clean
  • keep egg intact when boiling.  Add salt to water and if egg cracks, it should remain intact.
  • shell nuts with ease by soaking them in slightly salted water for a few hours before shelling.
  • keep lettuce and greens fresh and prevent wilting. Add the tiniest pinch of salt to them during preparation.
  • prevent peeled fruits from discolouration. Place them in a weak salt water solution until needed, it improves their taste too!
  • make fluffy egg whites fluffier. Just add the tiniest pinch of salt.
  • drinking cocoa tastes so much better with the tiniest pinch of salt, you’ll be amazed!


What uses for salt can you add to Natural Mother’s list? Comments are always welcome!

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  1. Thanks for this! I am trying one of your tips today! Thanks for sharing at Allergy Free Wednesday!

  2. lib on

    Great and exhaustive list!

  3. Gale on

    Great list! I also use salt to help soak up oils and clean a cast iron skillet.

  4. These are mostly great tips, but I don’t understand the first one:
    “In – of luke warm water add ½ a teaspoon of salt, make sure it’s well mixed together before placing some in a… and then blowing it back out!”
    How much water?? Place it in what??

    • NMNadmin on

      Thanks Becca for alerting me to that typo- I’d set aside that gap to find the US imperial measurements for it as I use metric and fluid ounces here in the UK- got distracted with my gorgeous family and pressed publish without remembering to check the imperial quantities of that last one! Silly me! Make sure you use natural salt with no additives or iodine or it may irritate your nose rather than relieve it.

  5. Love these tips! I had no idea salt removed blood stains. One of the kids had a bloody nose the other day and I wish I had known this then!

  6. Those lawn care ideas for salt are incredible! It really is amazing what we can do with natural products like salt instead of resorting to harmful pesticides. Thanks for the info!

  7. Nancy on

    Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing at Allergy Free Wednesday! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow.

  8. I had heard of some of these, but definitely not all of them. Some were really surprising too. This post is a great resource – thank you for sharing!

  9. Moms are so resourceful. Thanks for this. I didn’t realize salt had so many uses.

  10. Alea on

    More great tips! I knew a couple of those tips, but many were knew. Thanks for sharing them with the Gallery of Favorites.

  11. Another good trick is to mix salt with a citrus juice like lemon juice or orange juice. That’ll make your sore throat disappear a lot faster (all the phlegm will be washed down and the salt will damage the bacteria stuck to your throat walls).

  12. Lee on

    Hi since I stopped putting salt on my dinner about a year ago. As it was getting so much bad press. I haven’t actually touched the salt pot and never imagined the wide variety of uses it has. I have put this post into my favourites to come back to

    So for that thanks ll

  13. Wow! I had no idea of all these uses. :) I do gargle with salt water and use it to cleanse my sinuses when I have a cold and it really helps.

  14. Wow, great tips, thank you. My favourite use for salt is to reduce toothache with a salt rinse. It works every time for me.
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    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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